Printing Setting In Windows 8

Windows 8 Printer Setting

win 8If you want to change the contents on a printout, you can take the help of the Windows 8 Page Setup dialog box to configure the settings. With the help of the Page Setup and Windows 8 transfer function, which can be seen on File menu on the screen, you will be able to configure the settings of the Print Page setup.

Options available for you
There are many options that you can make use of, to ensure that you obtain the perfect printout. First of all, let us discuss about the “Size” option. It is this option, which informs the program the size of the paper used in the printer. For printing on standard, 8.5-x-11-inch sheets of paper, set this option to “Letter”. You will be required to change the settings according to the size of the paper used in the printer.

Now, the next option available is the source. You can either choose “Automatically Select” or “Sheet Feeder” if you are not using a printer that can take papers from more than one printer tray. If you own a printer that is capable of accepting paper from more than one tray, then select the tray containing the correct paper size.
If you want to customize the printer places along the top and bottom of your pages, such as the page numbers, titles and dates, you can type in secret codes into the “Header” or “Footer” boxes.

In order to change the orientation of the printout, you can set the “Orientation” section to various settings such as “Portrait” or “Landscape”. With the help of these options, you can take the printout either sideways or vertically.
Sometimes the margins will take a huge portion of the paper and as a result, the printout can be too long. There is a “Margin” option with the help of which you can either reduce the length of a printout or enlarge it.
The “Printer” option will let you select the printer that you want to print, if there are more than one printers connected to the system. Click on this icon to select the printer and as well as to configure the settings of the printer.

After configuring the settings of the printer, click on the “Ok” button to save the changes that you have made. With the help of the super fast Windows 8 transfer function, all the file transfer activities will become quicker.


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